پرچم باهماد آزادگان

A message to the men of science in Europe and America

To you 0 the European and American men of science, I speak from such a distance away, and I ask for your help.
0 the men of science, we in our way - the way which we have stepped in since the past several years, and which we want to acquaint you with, admire the breakthrough that has been occurred during the recent centuries in Europe and America in the field of science, and we consider this breakthrough as important steps taken for the progress of man or (better to say) in the way of civilization. As we believe in that the correct meaning of the world and living must be known - and in this course we always put the effort, the European knowledge helps us in this very field.
This breakthrough ought to exist-this has been God's wish. But it should be admitted that great damages also have arisen from those sciences, which have been the cause of the present sufferings in the world and hereunder I speak to you regarding some of those damages:
1)  These sciences, just from the beginning of their prevalence, have clashed with religion, and have weakened or neutralized it. Prior to these sciences, the people had known the world in some other way, and supposed that it was a globe standing on water or over an ox with seven heavens on top, full of angels and God's celestial world over and above the heavens, the angels send down rain and hail, and all the God's affairs were executed by them.
These were the beliefs taught by religion, particularly Christianity; but sciences uncovered the world completely in a different way and illustrated it to be much bigger. Sciences are unaware entirely of the story of heavens and the angels, and they show this world as an automatic installation whose every belongings contained in it.
This disagreement between religions and sciences resulted in religions' loss. Priests, Rabbis and Mullahs everywhere tried to blockade sciences but they did not succeed with the result that, wherever sciences found their way, religion ceased to be effective, and lots of people turned against religion. Whereas religion was a great factor in living and it had given very useful instructions to the people to create a sympathetic and assisting relation between them. Therefore these too disappeared and every individual of the people looked for his own pleasure and tried for his own interest.
2)  During your progress in science, you scientists, have made a mistake, which has cost the world much. You, in your researches regards the living bodies and how they came into existence, have concluded that there exists a battle and conflict between the living bodies in this world so that every body that is able and is fitting to live, kills the weaker, every powerful body subdues the weaker and conveys them in a way so as to fulfill his interests. That is why you echoed that life is a battle and every able body in the world can overcome the weak, and this is his/her natural right.
This echo added to the people’s obliquity, reduced very much the quality of sympathy with the miserable and helpfulness towards the helpless and it brought about an excuse for the cruel and the powerful to carelessly do injustice to the people, and to spare nobody of injustice and harm.
3)  From your sciences you achieved the result to invent a series of wonderful and new implements such as railway, telegraph, telephone, automobile, spinning, weaving, sewing and construction machines and the like, all of which everybody considered useful to the people and thus rejoiced. But as a matter of fact, these machines proved to be the cause of loss to them and increased the troubles; because as we said, living has attained the form of battle and conflict among the human being, and these wonderful new machines are used in the way of very battle and adds to its intensity.
It is you Europeans who say that, since these sciences and implements were popularized and thus have made a change in life, the trouble of life has become manifold; and we too in Asia experienced that, since we followed your way of living, our difficulties became more and we achieved lesser share of comfort and well-being. This matter has been so much noticeable that many persons whether in Asia or in Europe earn enmity against civilization, and they so desire that man goes back to the ancient simple way of living, so that they may be relieved of the present difficulties and troubles; but we will say that we consider this but a mistake. The world must always go forward not backward.
These are the harms that science has brought to the world that I have listed above. Let it be unsaid that the world has become a hell today, and in every part of it a slaughterhouse among the people - the people who are benefitted by your science is installed. If I say this "world-war" [1] is the outcome of your sciences I have not gone too far.
It is true that war has always existed among the people; it is true that this present war has a historical root and it is the continuation of the wars which were waged by the governments from the time of Napoleon, even before that; but how can those battles be compared to the horrible super war of today?!.. The today's war has arisen, mostly out of sciences, and it is the sciences that have caused it to be that huge.
It is the result of sciences that the great govern­ments have erected many factories in their countries and therefore each of them has found itself in need of distant lands for supply of raw materials and sale markets and has been after them. This is the result of those sciences that many important equipment such as mercantile ships, war ships, town- bombarding guns, rifles, machine guns, airplanes and the like have fallen in the hands of great governments; and the equipment has caused them to be proud so that every one of them wishes to rule over the world by itself alone, and it is for this very ambition that they have set up slaughter­ houses, tingeing the land with the blood of young men, carelessly and sparing no one. This has been the result of those sciences; this has been the fruit of those endeavors made by the pioneers of science and so much sleeplessness that they have suffered themselves.
These sciences have changed life: Today the people sit in cars or trains and drive 100 kilometers per hour, they sit in airplanes and fly into the sky, sitting comfortably in their houses they hear voices on radio from all cities of the world; the jobs done by hand 100 and 200 years ago are now accomplished by means of machines. These changes have taken place in life and the people have thus overcome the nature.
Yet you cannot say the world is better than three hundred years ago, you cannot say the people have achieved superiority. With so many changes in life, the world today is not better than before. In spite of so many institutes, colleges, books, professors and learned men, the people have not attained superiority. It is here where the pains taken by the learned men turned out useless. It is here where every learned man should not refrain from sorrow.
0 leaned men, what will be the end of this war? I do not know what have you thought of; but we know well that this war will involve the world in it for many years, and will cause damage and destruction; even if it calms down for sometimes, it will be only temporary and war and bloodshed will restart.
Today one party is progressing and achieves conquests but this will only result in burdens; war and bloodshed will not conclude as a result of these conquests. God alone knows how this war will end.
Moreover, we ourselves saw in the last war, when fighting and bloodshed ended, and fighting fields were left over, the great factories having erected in war time for making arms, with a slight alterations made in them, produced so much merchandise in a few years that all the markets were filled up. And as such there appeared an important standstill in markets (crisis) and as a result of this standstill the factories reduced production and fired laborers, thus the unemployed grew very high throughout all the countries, and then they united, established parties, launched campaigns, and gave demonstrations in arrays carrying flags in the streets. The industrialized country, the United States had eleven million unemployed by itself. On the other side the capitalist - socialist conflict began severely so that there was bloodshed in Austria and in other places. When this war is over, too, the same events will show up with slight variations, and if this is the way followed by them, again troubles will arise. The difficulty of America and of Europe does not only lie in the competition by big governments, and their greed; another big suffering is the question of machines. Machines have caused such a knot that has not yet been untangled. We have not forgotten that, in 1936 we read in an English magazine that, in one year in the European countries about four million people died either of hunger or committed suicide in fear of hunger death, while in the very same year thousands and hundred thousands tons of sugar and coffee were thrown into sea owing to lack of customers, and hundred thousands tons of wheat and/or meat were set on fire.
This is not a minor suffering, as on the one side, people die of hunger, and on the other side foodstuff should be burnt for lack of customers. This is the best sign of man's misdirection and the best indication for his frustration. These are all the result of sciences.
Nevertheless, we do not consider those sciences to be bad, nor are we displeased with their developments, rather we reiterate these sciences have been in accord to God's wishes and they must come to pass and the damages that have happened is a separate story which I must write, and in order to acquaint you with my thoughts well, I consider it is better to say something about "civilization".
I said I denote the meaning of civilization and explain my thoughts to you: In early days when human race appeared on the earth and began its life, it did not have access to any of the present tools and supplies.
Our prime ancestors lived deep into the caves, ate fruits of the jungles, made their beddings of the leaves of trees and of bushes; laid to sleep on the ground, had no house, no rug, no quilt, no utensil and no tools. They knew no job or skill, nothing about space except their surroundings, no time but only their life time. Nor did they know language to speak. Yes, this was the condition of our first ancestors, but from that very first day the man was going towards improvement, he was not like quadrupeds and predators so they would continue to remain in their prime states.
From the very first day he had intention of making tools and since he had no access to any material except stone, timber and bones and no knowledge about metals, he made tools, utensils such as axe, arrow, knife, drill, shovel, pick, bowl, plate etc. out of those materials. Gradually he built houses of stone and timber and thus dispensed with his caves. They gradually learned how to sow the seeds they used to collect and eat in the wilderness, rear fruiters, tamed certain birds and grazers such as poultry, cock, duck, sheep, camel, goat, cow, horse and the like, and they made use of them. Gradually they invented language and spoke to each other. They came to know something more or less about space and time.
Another great step they took in that time in the way of progress was invention and utilization of fire.
Fire exists in nature. However, it was not within the reach of the humans for a long time, nor did they know how to make fire until they learned, and this brought a great change in their life, because with the help of fire they lighted their huts at nights, and in winter they benefitted by its warmth, and cooked their food on it. It seems that it was just after the discovery of fire that they could make vessels and tools out of clay which they baked on fire and thus ceramic tools and utensils came into existence.
These are right and undeniable facts which we get from your books, the learned men of the West. That is the perspective of the life of our first ancestors that your scholarly researches depict. But at this juncture one point is missed, which we must explain. Here there is an important point which we must add to your sayings.
This short history is correct but if we were to further correct it we must say thus: The humans had been making progress in that way, they made tools, had learned how to build houses, knew agriculture and gardening, made use of fire, subdued the quadrupeds but still they could not enjoy well-being and peace which are the foundation of life, because their life was based on bullying and domination: every powerful person did not refrain from doing injustice to the weak. A few number of families combined and formed tribes, every tribe living apart from the other and when found any other tribe weaker, rushed upon them, killed the men, captured the women and looted their belongings - that was the way upon which they lived. As a result of this, every tribe always lived in a state of wandering, ready to escape and save its life and belongings, no sooner than an enemy was seen approach­ing, with the result that no development materialized, and no sowing land or gardens could exist, craft and skill could not become popular, every tribe, fearing of others sufficed with inferior temporary hut and did care but about a little sowing of seeds, passed its days and nights in fear and despair, and did not feel like getting busy with any skill and art. Thus the families were always uncomfortable and were unable to achieve the slightest benefit of progress they had made by way of making tools and of the knowledge.
Until suddenly a wise man (or better saying: a prophet) rose from among them and taught them how to live in a cooperative manner instead of bullying which caused discomfort for all, the able men to help the helpless instead of dominating them; and he got them to understand the benefit of this kind of living, and introduced a rule or regulation among them and founded a state for the implementation thereof. It was the result of his action that the tribes combined and began to cooperate with each other. And thanks to the peace thus gained, they built big good houses, made lots of farms and gardens. Gradually busi­ness relations opened and labors and occupations began to increase, a town was built in the place where they lived, and consequently the wandering and escaping desert life turned into a civil life. As this kind of living was much better than the previous one and as they needed a name for it, called it 'civilization'.
That is the point which we say was forgotten and that should be added to what you have said. Beside other reasons which we have, we understand this point from the word 'civilization' (meaning: of, pertaining to city). Anyhow, I am sure that you will accept this fact. It is quite clear that the gist of civilization, in fact, its very soul, has been living by cooperation and obeying the state otherwise there could be no use in tools, utensils, knowledge and science, and the humans would not gain from comfort and well-being.
The summary of these statements is that the humans are always making progress in their life-they were so in the past and they will be so in future too. But this progress should be made in two ways­ - (a) by making tools, knowing the nature's forces, corners of the world and the like, which is the science way and (b) by knowing the proper meaning of life and of the world, realizing the soul of human being and knowing its rank among the creatures, living according to wisdom and the like, which we should call 'the religious way'.
These two ways are apart from each other but they should be both together. The human being as they need to use certain tools in their life and make use of nature's forces, such as fire, steam, electricity and the like and reduce their pains by further overcoming nature day by day.They also need to realize the proper meaning of the world and the life as far as possible, and understand the soul of the human being, distinguish the great difference between him and beasts; and as it is inevitable to live together in a place, there should be a regulation for cooperation among them.
In the world, as there ought to be certain men of science who endeavor to increase the knowledge of the people, and certain inventors who make tools for living, sometime, there should also rise Godly men to inform the people of the world, of the secrets of life, guide them to the way of comfort and happiness, and also found a certain regulation for their living.
Progress should always be made on these two lines. Should it ever happen for progress to be achieved only by way of science, such a progress not only will be of any use, but also certain damages will ensue wherefrom, as this was once the case in the beginn­ing of civilization (which we explained in our previous statements), and once again it has happened in recent centuries from which we are suffering now.
In the last three hundred years there has occurred a great breakthrough in the field of sciences, and during this period discoveries have been made one after another, and following inventions wonderful and new tools have been made and used. If I were to explain the importance of the abovementioned movement in this speech, I will encounter difficulties. But what is the need for that? I have addressed this speech to you, the learned men, who know the measure of its importance better than all others. It is true that such an unprecedented movement has occurred but it is a matter of regret that it has not increased the comfort and well-being of the people of the world, but it has even reduced them very much, along with bringing a series of big sufferings.
That was yesterday's situation when the unemployed and the hungry were counted by millions in every country, and the miserable demonstrated in arrays carrying flags in the great towns, crying and asking for bread for themselves and their families; and this too is today's situation when slaughter-houses have been set up at several points and men are boldly and unsparingly shedding each other's blood by means of the most effective tools, making heaps of the slaughtered people.
In history this is not a forgettable thing that, France, the land from where great men of science have arisen, and has participated in this three hundred-year movement of science, as a result of the very sciences have now become a victim to slavery and subordination; and its some forty million educated well-informed population are suffering from hardships and hunger.
The very hardships have caused certain persons to hate the progress and this movement in the world, and they so desire that the people of the world should go backwards, adopt the old way of desert living of their ancestors, and they are making endeavors for this aim. Certain persons got disappointed of the people's goodness and they believe in that at any time things should be worse than before and the people ought to meet with more hardships.
But these are all misdirection. I reiterate this movement regarding sciences ought to exist. This is the continuation of the progress which human being has pursued from the very beginning of his appearance on the face of the earth and has followed step by step. However this movement must be coupled with another movement which is in regard to knowing the proper meaning of life, and to realize the soul of the human being - this is the movement for which we are working. And from such a long distance I send my voice to you, the learned men, and want to inform you of this movement. I want to invite you to accompany in this effort - this is my objective from this article.
Since I mentioned 'religion', you would perhaps wince at it. By religion we do not mean what others have meant. By religion we mean knowing the meaning of life and living in accord with wisdom. Religion is that human beings have to know the true aspect of everything and to follow that truth: today they do not do so unless in rare cases.
As an example: what labor and occupation are for? Nowadays, whether in the east or in the west labor and occupation are known as the means for earning money, living happily and/or for becoming millionaire, and everybody is trying towards this aim; but this is a mistake, this is being unaware of the meaning of life. Jobs and occupations are for the purpose of keeping life going forward.
The Creator who created peoples in this world, has deposited in nature, whatever they will need, and therefore they should endeavor to achieve them, try to provide foodstuff, drinks, clothing and furniture, build houses to live in, combat diseases for the sake of health; and so for the other requirements they need to make similar efforts. On the other hand, since everybody is unable to procure all his needs, it has been happening that every individual prepares one series of requirements; one is a farmer, he sows wheat, barley, other seeds and vegetables, another is a weaver, he weaves cloths for clothing and other similar requirements, another one is a mason, he builds houses and walls, another person is a physi­cian and he combats diseases, another one is a policeman and he keeps awake at night time to prevent from thieves, another person is a soldier, protecting the country against enemies. These persons exchange the result of their labors by means of transaction and they thus keep life going.
These are the things that you know very well, and what we say is that all over the world everybody should know these, understand, keep them in mind and follow.
We say that everybody should attend to a certain job and his aim has to be helping the wheel of life turn and accept this fact as a duty for himself; we say that everybody that is alive and partakes in food, drink, and other things, should consider himself indebted to the mass and participate in the efforts as much as he is benefitted to keep life going.
We say anybody not doing so is a sinful and shameless person, and he should be considered as indecent and be punished; undoubtedly he will be caught and ashamed before God.
We say idleness is a sin – someone who is rich and wealthy should not relax his efforts, otherwise he earns his bread unlawfully.
We say that the jobs that do not help in fulfilling needs of the mass, (such as soothsaying, talisman-writing, poetry, fiction-writing, reciting mournful songs, buffoonery, parasitic commission, and the like), are useless and those persons living on these are earning their bread unlawfully.
We say job or occupation is not for the sake of hoarding money and the persons who try to hoard money are malevolent to the mass, they are sinful and disgraceful; they must be stopped.
We say a physician, a policeman, a soldier, a cobbler must endeavor with the belief that he is indebted to the mass and this is my duty. He should endeavor with the aim he is doing his duty so that he might not be ashamed before God. He should strive with this intention and thus get equally rewarded to meet his needs.
This is an example and lots of other examples can be given. We call these things religion. To us religion is the way of living followed by human beings in accord with wisdom, so that they themselves may be comfor­table and pleased – and can please God too.
I know you will criticize and say "How will these proceed?" and "How will these be accomplished?"
I say I will speak separately how these things will progress. Here my aim is to explain the meaning of religion. Since we say that civilization or the progress of man should be attained by two ways; one by making tools, inventions and sciences, and the other way through religion and by knowing the proper meaning of the world and life, here, to explain my aim, I gave an example (the true meaning of jobs) for knowing the proper meaning of life.
I know that there will also be criticism in regard to God. The new philosophy does not accept God, and modernists all deny God. Therefore, I reply and say: To us, God is not what is known to others. We do not know the God that descends from heaven to wrestle with Jacob, we are unaware of a God having a child, we do not believe in a God sitting above seven skies and ruling the world; we want a God that is made known by understanding and wisdom.
Some people say: sciences have annihilated God. I say sciences have annihilated the God that had been made by Rabbis, Priests and Mullahs; the real God is made known to us by the very sciences. The very sciences show us that order and regularity prevail in this world: it is a system which runs without loosing slightest regularity or gaining smallest fatigue. This order and regularity prove that this world has been made based on knowledge and anticipation, and there is an intention wanted from it; and as we use our thinking we find that this order and regularity cannot be set by this world itself, we therefore inevitably believe that this world cannot be independent and separate, and there is some other system behind it - a system whose existence we know, but do not know how it is.
Sometimes I have heard some people say: "because you come from the east, you follow others in citing the name of God; does it really need to cite His name while endeavoring for the goodness of the world?" I reply: "where have I followed the steps of others, so that I should do so in regard to this matter? I follow reasons. It is reason that leads us to God. We come to this world at no will, and go out of it at no will either. Therefore, there is one that has the will -there is one that has planned the world".
I will say no more regarding God. What I should explain is that we believe in God and this is God's way which we are following; but we do not say human beings have been created for the purpose of worshipping God, and they must always attend to God otherwise He will punish them. Saying such a statement is not befitting us. God dispenses with the need to ask people to worship and benediction, and he is great enough not to punish anybody in this manner. It is we who should worship rather than He requires.
Whatever may it be, our aim in uttering the name of God is that the peoples should not consider the world as useless and un-owned system, and themselves as irresponsibly open to all kinds of injustice or wickedness. When the materialist philosophers say "there exists only this materialistic world and no other" and also call life to be battle, the consequence will be that everyone will consider himself free in every step of life, will not stop from injustices for his own pleasures, and will think of no responsibility for himself. To - day you see the men's blood is flowing like flood, and the politicians boldly kill thousands and hundred thousands of the young men or have them killed to conquer such and such a town, without having the slightest care and never think of any responsibility...
We say that the materialist philosophers are in error. The world does not consist of this material system alone, and life is not a battle either. We say that, nobody in this world is at liberty to do injustice and bad deeds. We say: life is for human being to give hand to each other to develop the world and to enjoy the pleasures of life, and to fight against its badness. We say that the powerful should help the feeble and conduct them. We say the hands of the cruel should be tied and the way for the wicked closed. We say that war should be waged against bad deeds along with injustice. Combat must be done against misdirection and un-wisdom. We say that everybody should accept to do and be good as his duty and always intend to do as much good as he can. These are the things which we call religion; it is for these things that we cite the name of God.
The present way which world's people have adopted is entirely wrong. If the people are to fight against each other, to overthrow each other dauntlessly, sparing nobody then what is the difference between human being and beasts, o' the learned men?!. What understanding, wisdom and inte­llect have been given to man for, o the learned men?! Today with this living, the difference between the human beings and wolves and leopards is nothing except that the latter tear by means of their teeth and claws, and the former have invented weapons in a scholarly manner for killing, tearing, burning, blowing up and caus­ing other damages. For the human beings can this very difference alone give rise to feel pride?
Should this be the only result out of all the efforts made in the course of science for which thousands of esteemed men have spent their lives?
The statement that "life is a battle" is entirely wrong. If life is a fight and everybody can make use of his power and ability, then what objection can you have against thieves and highwaymen?!. They too fight and live on strength and ability. This blunder has arisen because man's soul has not made known.
A great discrepancy between us and the philosophers is this point. They rank man and the other living creatures alike, leaving little difference in between; but we say that the human being is the privileged creature for whom God has created the world. The philosophers have known man as only the body and Self, those which animals also have, but we have already proven that man, in addition to body and Self, has another system called "Soul".
The philosophers say: "the source of all motives in the world is "selfishness", every living creature, whether human being or otherwise, is selfish and wants everything for himself, as a result of which they are always conflicting against each other". We say this statement regarding human being is untrue, it is the quadruped, animals and beasts that each one is selfish to want everything for themselves, but the human being is not so. We see by our own sight that, when a human being finds another one to be hungry, he forgets his own hunger and gives his own bread to him. If he finds a person in fire or floating in a flood, he endangers his own life to save the sufferer.
We will not continue speaking on this subject any further because we have already clarified it elsewhere. I mean to say that the human beings are not in need of battle and trouble among themselves, but since they live in one place, their living must be based on collaboration so as to help each other, and the powerful should give relief to the helpless ones. Today we must try to throw it out of minds the idea of fighting that is wrongly spread and has reached all ears, and thereafter prevent battle by means of some laws and this is the ground that I seek your help, you scientists.
This one wrong idea brought about by philosophers has cost the world very much, neglecting its other harms. These annihilating wars existing today between big governments, which have set up spacious slaughtering-houses for destruction of the youth, more than anything else, are consequences of that wrong idea. If we ask those who today are the directors of the war, "what these battles and bloodshed are for?" they will reply: "Life is a battle, every race and every mass should be strong to dominate others, and if we do not do so, others will do and overcome us". That is the reply we will hear from them. These people have learned the foul teachings given to them by philosophers throughout so many years, and have thus taken as instructions for their acts. Still better I would say they have mixed their own whims with that foul teaching to have started this war and bloodshed.
It should now be said: that idea is wrong, life is not a battle and there is no need at all for battle, what are you fighting for?, is the world too small and there is not enough room for you all?!, or the daily bread is scanty to feed you all?!, further, what do you expect except destruction from war?! The mass who says "we should dominate and subjugate others" why do they not ponder over the fact that the same ambition is in the minds of other powerful masses also, and there is no reason why they should be more merited for domination than the latter people, why do they not ponder that the very people whom they want to subjugate, have hands same as theirs, have thoughts and knowledge, and they will not allow to be subjugated, as much as they can.
This faulty thought has given its effect, and efforts should be made to eradicate it. This faulty thinking has weakened man's position very much and thus has ranked him with beasts. War and bloodshed among masses are not inevitable, and it is possible to spend efforts to prevent them. First of all, it must be said that no mass has the right to subjugate other mass. Subjugation is nothing but the humble nature of beasts. A mass that has made progress and become stronger than others, should try to help the backward and helpless masses and promote them so as to be able to accompany others in the course of civilization. This is the duty that an advanced mass has. If there arises any dispute between masses, it should be settled down by judgment, and does not need slaughtering of the youth. What is the difference between the dispute arising between two masses and that between two persons? Why the latter is settled down by judgment but for the former war and bloodshed should be needed and slaughter houses be set up?!.
One of the difficulties in the today's life is the matter of labor and capital, that you are aware of, better than others. As from the day machines were introduced this result has been achi­eved that, with its help one single person can accom­plish the job of 100 persons and gets the profit as much as 100 persons; and on the other hand the 100 persons who remain unemp­loyed suffer, and perhaps find no way at all for earning their daily bread. Even though machine is useful it causes this great detriment too. The consequence of machine is that it absorbs money and capital from thousands of people and accumulates them in the pocket of one individual, and thus creates a big disorder.
It was due to this disorder that ten years ago we heard that the unemployed were counted by millions in every country in Europe and America. We heard that, in some of the countries the people committed crime so as to go to prison to be able to partake of the bread and soup there. We heard that in the European and American countries, on the one side the people were dying of hunger, or in fear of such a death, committed suicide, and on the other side, wheat, sugar, coffee and meat were thrown into the sea or burnt owing to lack of buyers. We used to hear that, occasionally unrest ended in fighting and bloodshed between workers and factory owners. These troubles have ceased today thanks to war and conscription, but the same trouble will arise if the war ends.
Now, what is the remedy for this difficulty?.. Is it possible to abandon machines?
We say that machine should not be abandoned, but its detriment must be prevented, and we have eased this difficulty by some simple formulas.
We say: everybody in this world should gain pleasures proportional to what efforts he makes in the course of life and to the extent of his gifted ability. We say God has not created human being all alike, and we too cannot rank them all alike. Those persons that possess more merit and ability to yield more profit to the mass cannot be taken same as others. On the other hand, there are persons who make more endeavors and persons who do nothing but a little - this difference should also be taken into consideration; from these facts altogether originates the regulation that "everybody should enjoy pleasures as much as his ability and efforts".
It will be asked: how this regulation is enforced? In reply we say: we can easily enforce it by accomplishing the follow­ing five measures:
1. We will stop the jobs and occupations which do not help in meeting requirements of life, and are not needed in life – such as fortune-telling, writing of amulets, eulogy, mournful songs, rhymestery, novel-writing, gambling begging, parasitic commission, thronging government offices with unemployed persons, and the like which are useless jobs.
2. We will prevent from usury, which is a means of parasitism: a person, who has made money himself or got by inheritance, gives it on loan - thus lives without being occupied in any job. We will have nothing to do with banking transactions but we must eradicate usury.
3. We will prohibit land-lease, which is the means for sponging on others, or causes a person to sit idly in city and enjoy from labor of farmers and villagers. Land is for sowing wheat, barley, melons, watermelons and other needed foodstuff, that is why we say that "land belongs to the one who sows", a person who does not sow it, can not be its landlord. The lands should be distributed among farmers and to the indigent of them should also be given the necessary tools too.
4. We will limit capital to such an extent that everybody may be able to do business, and we will prevent large capitals. For instance in the present day every person in Iran can do business with a capital of Rials 30,000. We will therefore stop a capital higher than this. The wealth of the people should not be taken from them. Anybody can have ten million Rials or more in his possession but he should not be allowed to use over Rials 30,000 in the market, he should not bar others by means of money.
5. We will reduce the size of machines so that everybody with a capital of Rials 30,000 (for example) will be able to run a small machine. We will allocate the machines which cannot be reduced into small sizes to government or companies.
By means of these simple form­ulas it is possible to remedy the abovementioned difficulty and the entanglement. By these measures the abnormal ups and down of life which exists among people can be reduced a lot. By applying these five measures a dam can be build in front of greed and the tendency for piling up money, it will be possible to get people to enjoy comfort and well-being, and leave no room for battle and conflict among the people.
Another difficulty is the question of races and masses. Human beings in the world are of various races and languages. Moreover, every one race or few of them create a mass that lives separately from others; due to this separation trouble and hostility arise among them, as we are just observing that great masses are fighting against each other and have grudge towards each other. What is to be done about this?
We say that the difference in race and language should cause no harm. This difference in races cannot break the homogeneity of the human being, and cannot prevent them from cooperation and living together. The thing that certain people make an excuse out of it for creating hostility and revengefulness is an action which wisdom disgusts.
Well, it is harmless that every race or mass may live separately in their own country. But they must bind themselves to the truths of life and do away with superstitions and misdirection and follow "wise regulations", try to develop their homeland, to make benefit out of land, mines and other natural resources. For the other part of it, there should be a regulation ruling bet­ween them and the others, and they should behave in a manner so as to assist each other, avoid grudge and hostility that has no ground, and if there arises any dispute in between, it should be settled by judgment.
The idea of "League of Nations" was very suitable. The existence of such an institute for judgment between masses is a very high step taken for progress. Previously we asked: what is the difference between dispute of masses and that of individuals, so that the former causes war and bloodshed, and the latter is settled by judgment?!. It was a time when individuals too settled their disputes by means of punches, kicks, or swords and daggers but then some wise men rose and explained the indecency of it to people, and, they enacted a law, according to which any disagreement or dispute that occurs must be investigated in a court – and that, we said, was a high step in the course of progress or civilization. Now too, if the nations' dispute be referred to judgment, this by itself will be considered to be another high step towards progress.
I shorten the speech: Let us consider races and masses to be families - just as every family is at liberty for its affairs in its house, in a quarter or town, but there must be some law ruling between them to be followed by all families, we wish the same for nations and are using our best efforts for this purpose. We do not assign any further meaning to race and mass.
Again, another difficulty is of the matter "easterners and the westerners". The easterners having remained backwards than westerners in knowledge and science, and still struggling in misdirection and darkness of the past centuries, are regarded with contempt by westerners, and always wish to subjugate them. Being an easterner , I myself admit that the easterners are far backwards, I admit that they are struggling in ignorance ; but you too do admit that, during the past two centuries the Europeans who have found their way through to the East, instead of endeavoring to awaken the East in order to get rid of misdirection and darkness, they have increased easterners' insisting on entanglement and found their benefit in the easterners' remaining ignorant and uninformed, and for this purpose they made use of every means. You are well aware of the relations the Orientalists have had with the East, and of the actions they have done. Since you know very well, I leave describing too.
Whatever the causes, we have to cure this too. We in the East, will try to abolish and eradicate misdirection and ignorance that are prevalent under the title of religion, philosophy, Sufism, literature and whatsoever, we will try to scrape off these void and dispersed thoughts from the brains, and replace them by facts. We will try to popularize the European sciences among the easterners. You too in the West should also endeavor to get the westerners to abandon male­volence against the easterners and to give up the idea of subjugation. You have to try to get the westerners to set it as one of their wishes to lend the easterners a hand, and some of their technologists along with specialists come to the East for spreading sciences and give teachings here, and spare no trouble and pain.
We expect the westerners to present us of their valuable sciences rather than publishing and distributing among the people, the entirely harmful book "Tazkerat-ul-Owliya", rather than exaggerated applauses of "Khayyam" whose verses are entirely foul teaching, rather than producing philosophies for entirely harmful and damaging conflict between Shiites and Sunnis, to increase people's misdirection in this way.
In brief: Whether easterners or westerners, must lend a hand to bring about a shock to the world so as to convey firstly thoughts and secondly the life to a different way.
It will be asked how these can proceed, how these wishes will gain reality. In reply I say: How have other good thoughts proceeded?! How have other wishes taken place?!.. Three hundred years ago all the countries were ruled by despotism and dominating powerful autocrats ruled. If anybody spoke about constitution (or democracy), he was either killed or imprisoned­. What happened then that the very constitution prevailed throughout all countries?!., Was it not for its own force that it advanced?!. Is it not true that it overcame all the despotic forces?!.
A good thought or a straight way by itself is the guarantee to its progress too. We must try to broadcast these facts throughout the east and the west, and, to extend them to all. This by itself will open the way for progress. The "truth loving" is a powerful attribute of man. A man or a woman not being ill-minded whose wisdom has not  become idle under the pressure of baseless ideas, as soon as he or she hears and learns a fact, just like a thirsty who reaches water, accepts it and expends efforts for its promotion, and spares no sacrifice and courage in this way.
Forces in the world are not only the forces of guns and rifles. There are certain forcers which render guns and rifles idle.
What do we need any other force for?!. Does what we say really need a force for its progress?!. We say: God has not created man for conflict and fighting. We say: these wars and bloodsheds are not based on wisdom. We say: instead of fighting and conflict, whether masses or individuals should collaborate with each other.
We say: battles should be fought against the evil­. We should benefit from the advances in the field of sciences made during the past three hundred years, to develop the world as much as possible, and flourish the face of the earth as far as we can.
We say: masses do not need war, and each should stay and live in its own place; and in the event of any dispute it should be settled down by way of judgment in the same way as done for individuals. We say: land should be the property of farmers and no other person can possess it, the capitals should just be of such an amount as to enable everybody to live on it, the machines should be reduced in size to enable everybody to work on one of them… These statements are not of such a nature to require force for advancing.
Today the difficulties with which the world is confront­ed due to either war or labor and capital, are not minor difficulties, and the remedies that we suggest will be accepted the by every wise and learned person and he or she will not spare every effort for its progress.
Now we must endeavor and extend these along with other important facts to ears and place in minds.
We must try to produce a shock in thoughts. We must try to open a new way for living. It is in this ground that we ask for your help, you scientists.
We have no doubt this thought will advance and have many reasons for that. And as I address this speech to the European and American men of science, I am contented with giving one reason of their own sciences:
Sciences have clarified that the world is always progressing and the cause of this is that, in every field, sometimes a more fitted member appears that itself becomes a new species and remains stable. If we were to give an example, we should say: flowers, fruits and quadrupeds, whose species of each of them now run up to thousands, were only of one species in the beginning. But since every time there has occurred a new species from each of them, and that the very species has remained and became plentiful this gave rise to variety.
For instance, all cloves were probably only single-leaved, but later on in a corner of a flower-field suddenly a multi-foliate flower showed up from whose seed a new species of cloves came into existence.
These are the things we read in your sciences, hence we say that the very law of nature is applicable in knowing the meaning of the world and life, and in leading us to the wise regulations too, and that a series of greater thoughts must come about every some other time and prevail among people of the world, and to be acted upon in living and thus in this field too the progress will take place – the progress that undoubtedly is God's wish.
Here I conclude, and hope that the present uproars and tumults in the world will not prevent this voice of mine from reaching your ears, you scientists. I hope this will produce in you the effect that I wish and the result that we want will be achieved.
[1]: This message was first published in Parcham newspaper in Tehran in October 1942.